Cantos Teams Up with NYU to translate for Chinese Writer Wang Anyi

Cantos attends Chinese writer Wang Anyi's literary workshop at New York University China House

Cantos attends Chinese writer Wang Anyi’s literary workshop at New York University China House

In the spring of 2016, renowned Chinese writer Wang Anyi was invited by New York University (NYU) China House to lead an eight-week faculty-graduate student workshop on Chinese literature realism as a part of the Global Distinguished Writer in Residence’ program. The overarching theme of the workshop was the historical development of Chinese realism under the context of globalization and urbanization, and how the author sees the role that her works play in the trajectory. Hosted by NYU China House, the bi-weekly workshop attracted a great variety of participants, including scholars, graduate students, and literary critics. Distinguished Chinese literature critic Li Tuo and director of Institute for Comparative Literature and Society at Columbia University Lydia H. Liu were also frequent attendees at the workshops, offering insightful remarks that at once comment on and reflect contemporary Chinese literary history.


The Topic List of New York University China House’s Wang Anyi literary workshop

To share the discussions with a wider range of readers and scholars, NYU China House invited Cantos Translation to translate the transcript that of over 20 hours of these discussions, which amounts to over 100,000 Chinese characters. Cantos Translations arranged several published literary translators for this project, including Alex Woodend, whose past work includes Qin Ming’s ‘Murder in Dragon City’ published by AmazonCrossing. The translated translations of Wang Anyi’s workshops are scheduled to be published in 2017 in the journal Frontiers of Literary Studies in China, a U.S. academic publication that promotes communication and exchanges between scholars working in different institutional settings and along different cultural and intellectual traditions.


Cantos Translations CEO Judy Yi Zhou with writer Wang Anyi and NYU Professor and renowned literary critic Zhang Xudong

This literary translation project highlights Cantos Translations’ professionalism in the area of cross-cultural exchanges, and the collaboration with NYU signatures Cantos’ capacity to serve highly specialized clients in academia and other cultural and educational institutions.

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