Cantos Interprets for Guangdong Intellectual Property Entrepreneurship Contest



Opening Ceremony of the International Intellectual Property Business Camp

The International Intellectual Property (IP) Business Camp of the first WTOIP Guangdong Intellectual Property Entrepreneurship Contest kicked off at the Guangzhou Tian An Hi-Tech Ecological Park on December 11, 2015. The Contest was initiated by the Guangdong Intellectual Property Office, hosted by WTOIP, and co-organized by the Dark Horse Club. Cantos Translations provided consecutive interpretation for the two-day International IP Business Camp.


Participants of the Contest raised questions in Q&A session

Several international IP experts spoke at the launch ceremony of the International IP Business Camp, including Mr. Wayne Sobon, former President of the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA); Mr. Gordon McConnachie, Founding Board Chairman of Scottish Intellectual Asset Management Limited; and Mr. Jason A. Murphy, Professor at Albany Law School. These leading IP experts gave presentations on topics such as how individuals and enterprises can use trade secrets, patents, trademarks, and copyrights to protect and utilize intellectual property, how to manage enterprises’ intellectual property by using strategies at five different levels, and how P&G commercialized itself through open innovation. The Camp also included a Q&A session, and the experts shared comprehensive IP insights in response to the entrepreneurs’ questions.


Jason from Cantos Translations interpreted for Mr. Wayne Sobon

Jason, the interpreter for the Camp, holds a bachelor’s degree from Columbia University and used to work at New York University School of Law. The audience was impressed with his cross-cultural communication skills and cross-disciplinary knowledge base, especially during the Q&A session, when he switched seamlessly between English and Chinese, precisely delivering cultural nuances while at the same time displaying a mastery over the legal topics.


Jason interpreted for Mr. Jason A. Murphy

Since its foundation, Cantos Translation has been committed to providing high-quality translation and interpretation services for the specialized fields of law, finance, media, government, and management. Its clients include Goldwind Science & Technology, CMS Legal, The Financial Times, and The Benelux Chamber of Commerce in China, among others. In the future, Cantos Translations will continue its work for companies in the related sectors worldwide, providing the highest-quality services tailor made to our clients’ individual needs.

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